Sunday, January 1, 2012

Peter Not Judas (A Prayer)

Lord, there have been too many Judases. Judases who, with a kiss, sold love for a bag of coins. Let it not be so of us. Change our hearts from his. Help us turn. Don't leave us now- to fall in the field we bought without you- clutching our counterfeit comforts- knives in our backs and hands forever.

Jesus, I pray that it was Peter's face looking at me. And that my face was his as I stared back without any words. Give us hearts like Peter. I want more than anything, in the silence after the crowing, to be asked if I love you and I want my good heart to say yes. I want to embrace my brothers on the shore next to your fire and I want to sit down with them and feast on your goodness.

Lord who knows all things, you must know that we love you. Teach us how to love each other. To Repent. To Forgive.

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